JibJab ecards

I know what you are thinking! Jean is a Send Out Cards person how could she go against the grain and promote ecards! well, these aren’t just any ecards.

They are JibJab Hilarious eGreetings.

I was first introduced to them by a couple of friends. Thom Scott and Chris Cree.
I laughed until I cried when I saw these ecards! The first one was of Chris in a big haired hard rock video. I couldn’t stop playing it! when I say tears I mean tears!!! LOL!

Then I saw the one Thom sent to Trey Pennington, rest his soul. Another one I could not stop playing! toooo funny!

I then had the opportunity to send one myself.
My sister was hosting Christmas so in addition to a Send Out Card card we had a funny ecard video that we watched over and over….. my sides hurt for days!!!!

I was able to create a card that had enough characters in it for everyone to be featured.

Even Conchy Joe and Buckeye!

Now I am sharing it with you. Check out Jib Jab, get started and let the fun begin,
send Funny eCards at JibJab

and let the tears roll and the sides hurt!


JibJab Birthday eCards

Enjoy! Jean

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