Hand line fishing in the Abacos

One of my favorite activities when we go to the Abacos is hand line fishing with family.

preparing bait for hand line fishing


Cutting up lobster or Craw-fish for bait. If you are not familiar with what hand line fishing is it is just what it sounds like. All you need is a spool of fishing line, a lead weight, and a hook. You carefully spool off enough line in front of you so you can get good distance when you throw your bait overboard.


fish bucket hand line fishing


These are some of the first fish we were able to catch when we went out.


bahamas trigger fish


bahamas grunt hand line fishing


striped bahamas grunt hand line fishing


yellow tail snapper hand line fishing


progie hand line fishing bahamas

This was a great hand line fishing day! We had plenty to share and enjoy.

cleaned catch hand line fishing


One of the unusual fish that I discovered on the trip were these small red fish that lived inside the conch shells. I was able to throw most of them over when the conchs were brought on board but this little guy didn’t pop out of the shell like the others. I always feel bad when this happens but this allowed me to get a good look at him. Do you know what they are called?  🙂

fish that lives in Bahamian conch


They have a large yellow fin in their belly, probably helps them stay inside the conch.

And what a big mouth for such a little guy!


close up of fish that lives in Bahamian conch


Well these are the pictures I took! I really am so happy

I was able to go out one more time.

Did you see the rest of the pictures?

They are here on my Catching Conch page!

Marsh Harbor

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  1. Joel says:

    They are called Conch Fish

  2. conchy joe says:

    Thanks Joel! I was glad to be able to release most of them. They were a neat looking little fish 🙂

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