Conchy Joe’s Conch Recipes

Looking for some nice conch recipes?

Who Is Conchy Joe?

Well he is from the Abacos. He Loves to cook. … His friends have been begging him to write down his Bahamian Recipes.

We have put together a collection of some of his favorite conch recipes. The recipes include main dishes, snacks, salads and…

Hang over cures! …. or so I have heard!

Well it took a LOT! Like most self taught cooks he never had anything written down so one by one, I got them recorded. As he cooked I was writing down the ingredients and approximate measurements.

There is a standard list of ingredients you will want to have on hand for these recipes. Basics that are not too hard to come by.

conch fritter recipe

Have you traveled to the Abacos Bahamas or Know someone who would LOVE these recipes?

These Recipes are the most popular ones requested from Friends all over!

Only $5.00 ~         I want these recipes and coloring pages!


As a BONUS!!! We have included the fun coloring collection of Conch shells collected by us while visiting Great Guana Cay! Print them on regular paper or card stock and you can color them using colored pencils, markers and watercolors!

  conch shells

Only $5.00 ~   I want these recipes and coloring pages!

Download and print out these beautiful images as many times as you like. I also include a link to a tutorial on how to decoupage them after you have colored them to create your own custom decor items.


conch shell coloring page

Only $5.00 ~   I want these recipes and coloring pages!

Want to learn how to prepare conch for recipes?  Go here!

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