Conch Meat Prep for Recipes

Alright, well now you have some conch, out of the conch shell.

What is the next step?

That depends on which dish you are going to prepare.

Here are the basic steps for cleaning conch meat in preperation for your recipes.

I am sharing the steps for cleaning conch but you are better off paying for conch that is already cleaned.

It is not an easy task and the locals make it look real easy!


conch removed from shell

You may want to  leave the hook on for a handle

raw conch ready for cleaning

  • Place the conch body with the eyes face up and cut off the projection above the eyes and the proboscis.
  • Cut out the esophagus that lays under the skin from the proboscis to the ragged edge of the muscle.
  • Find the intestine, which is a dark vein on the underside of the white muscle, and cut it out.

Slice through the skin from the bottom of the conch meat to the claw and use your thumb or knife to pull the tough skin off. Then remove the claw.

 Wash the conch

cleaning conch

conch face

 a face only a mother could love!

after cleaning conch cut tail off

 the orange tails are cut off and only used primarily for Conch salad, ceviche or fritters

where the conch meat will be put through the food processor.

clean conch

Here is the conch meat cleaned and ready.

 Let’s face it, cleaning your own conch is probably not an option,

unless you do it ALL the time it is worth the investment to get it already cleaned by a pro.

Now let’s get on to preparing it for your recipes!

beaten conch with beater


  One step that is always necessary is the tenderizing with a “Beater”

Heavy Beater


 A nice heavy Beater is neccessary for the best results.

cutting up conch for processing

conch cut up for conch souse

This Conch meat is chopped up by hand for use in Stew, red gravy, ceviche  etc.

boiling conch

Boiling the conch in neccessary to the tenderizing process.

It is boiled while the other ingredients are prepared.

boiling conch

One word of CAUTION!

When boiling conch it WILL FOAM UP a couple of times.

you must be right there at the beginning of the process to scoop out the foam.

spooning off conch foam

Be ready with a large spoon and bowl to collect the foam as it is formed.

That way you avoid an overflow onto your stove.

conch soaking in milk and vinegar

Here we are soaking the beaten conch in a mixture of milk and vinegar.

This conch is going to be used in fried conch.

If you are going to use it in a salad like a ceviche you would then run it thru a food processor

until the bits are the size you want.

Processed Conch and veggies

This Conch is used in Conch salad, ceviche  or fritters. you can see all the brightly colored parts that can be used in these recipes.

This photo also shows some of the celery that is included in the ceviche type recipes and fritters too.


In the Conchy Joe Collection of recipes you will be given the steps necessary for each one.

to learn more about the recipes go here   Conchy Joe recipe Collection


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4 Responses to “Conch Meat Prep for Recipes”

  1. els says:

    How Long should the conch be boiled

    • conchy joe says:

      The only time you boil conch is for a souse or stew recipe, like in the picture. I never really timed it but you would boil it for about half an hour to tenderize it. Pressure cookers work well but they’re scary! We don’t use them :-)

  2. Sophie says:

    So if you are grilling it do you not need to boil it first? Can you just tenderize it and season it to flavor then grill?

    • conchy joe says:

      Sorry it took so long to get back. I personally have not cooked it that way but I have seen it scored fine with a sharp knife and cooked in foil with butter onions sweet pepper on the grill. There is no reason why mesmerizing and grilling wouldn’t work. Just don’t over cook it : -)

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